Conceptually I aim to visually articulate time, memory and the need to find purpose and order in the randomness of life and to create artworks that portray existence through a non-linear narrative where experience, imagination and memory coexist and where fiction and reality, past, present and future intersect. My process of deconstruction and reconstruction of images and superimposition of multiple planes creates a fragmented imagery to express multiple possibilities.


The Tableaux series of paintings are inspired by the observation of a young Mardi Gras Indian Flag Boy dancing under the I-10 overpass in New Orleans one Mardi Gras day. I explore the abstraction of an experience, transforming multiple views of the Flag Boy and his surroundings into flat planes of color, shape and light rearranged and superimposed over one another to simultaneously merge various moments in time.



Representational figures in my paintings collide with and overlap the un-premeditated collaged paper or the accidental gesture of poured paint. Multiple points of view are represented simultaneously through the intersection of the intentional and the accidental, randomness and order, abstraction and representation and the organic and the human-made.